Pure Ibizan Spirit
Pure ibizan spirit

Ibiza, its architecture and its magic, is always our motto

We work so that our architecture improves our environment. We want to contribute to enriching our architectural heritage always from a vision of respect and coherence with our environment, our landscapes and our urban complex.

Ibiza is a destination where calm and fun create a perfect tandem, making it an idyllic place to spend holidays or even reside. At Ncalma we propose homes designed to be enjoyed to your liking, with a multitude of customization options so that you get the most out of your days on the island.

NCalma Group | Pure Ibizan Spirit
NCalma Group | Pure Ibizan Spirit
NCalma Group | Pure Ibizan Spirit

Design and energy efficiency are the fundamental pillars on which we build our homes. A vision of the future in which to find a perfect balance between beauty and comfort.

NCalma Group Concept
NCalma Group | Detalle Piscina

About us

In 2004 the AGUAS DE IBIZA GRAND LUXE HOTEL project was born, with the intention of becoming the first luxury hotel on the island of Ibiza, a pioneering concept throughout the island, developing a tourism model based on relaxation, disconnection and the enjoyment of 'La otra Ibiza'.

Over the years, the company continues to develop more hotel projects and begins a journey within the real estate world, acquiring various urban land and giving rise to the birth of Ncalma Group.

Currently, the Ncalma Group continues to invest in prime locations on the island of Ibiza to continue developing various outstanding projects and contributing to the construction of, not only hotels, but also residential and tourist homes.


General management

NCalma Group | Alberto Torres

Alberto Torres

Business Development Manager

NCalma Group | Ana Marí

Ana Marí

Business Development Manager

Design area

NCalma Group | Aryanour Djalali

Aryanour Djalali

Associate architect

NCalma Group | Pepe López del Hoyo

Pepe López del Hoyo

Associate interior designer

NCalma Group | José Coro

José Coro

Associate project manager

Marketing and sales

NCalma Group | Samara Missaghian

Samara Missaghian

Ejecutiva de marketing

NCalma Group | Heidi Heinsen

Heidi Heinsen

Sales executive

NCalma Group | Mónica Martell

Mónica Martell

Sales executive


NCalma Group | Mar Alegre

Mar Alegre

Financial manager

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